The Warak Coffee

The initial idea came from my irritation toward my Mom, whom I’ve already told her to consume our own products (De Karanganjar Koffie) but whether she did it consciously or not, she still bought another sachet coffee. It turned out that the reason is sachet coffee are cheaper and more practical : all you have to do is just tear it off, pour it out, and brew it with hot water. You don’t have to measure it and add more sugar onto it.

Well, I think somehow it’s a truth. De Karanganjar Koffie products that we sell are categorized as premium coffee alias pure coffee. The price is more expensive than the coffee sachet.  You still have to measure it and add more sugar onto it if you don’t like bitter coffee. So that this premium coffee are more suitable for coffee lover (on the contrary they don’t like coffee sachet), or for gifts purpose. That’s why we eventually decided to produce sachet coffee with cheap price and easier to consume.

Pleace notice that even though this is coffee sachet but we still use Blitar coffee as the main ingredients of the products. While most of the sachet coffee on market use coffee essence only, not a real coffee.

So why “Warak Coffee”?

So this coffee was inspired from the Warak Statue site which is situated about 1 km from Karanganjar Coffee Plantation. By consuming it, we hope that Blitar people will find out the presence of this important ancient site, the Warak Statue, which is yet unknown when it was built. Some said that the site was built in the time of Singhasari, but the other said that it came from the time of Majapahit. But the most important thing is with the presence of this product, we are from the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation will commit to preserve that ancient site.

Then, what is “Warak” actually is?

“Warak” taken from Javanese is “rhinoceros”. The philosophy of rhino fit with coffee. Did you know how rhino behave? Once a rhino decide to move forward and hoof its enemy, it won’t take a single stepback. It’s the same with someone who has just drank coffee, s/he will be full of energy as s/he has detached the feeling of sleepy and fatigue.

If the meaning is “rhinoceros”, but why it looks like “protoceratops”?

Well, the protoceratops were the ancestors of rhinoceros. Beside, the Warak statue shape is close to the protoceratop ….. (or even looks alike an elephant? Gosh!).

A sachet of Warak Coffee is now can be acquired in the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation when the visitors buy admission ticket, but they’re not sold here. You can buy them in warungs or shops in the city, and we hope they will be circulated in all part of Indonesia in the future.

Special thaks for my cousin Shaka ‘Dugong’ Mahottama which has helped us concepting this brand, and last but nit least, the German cute designer of the Warak Coffe , Viktoria Gontscharova  :



Blitar, 7th of January

Wima Brahmantya

CEO of PT. Harta Mulia