The Coolest Painting of Sukarno

Some said that this is the coolest panting of Sukarno they’ve ever seen. It reminds me of a quote : “cool pieces of art owned by cool men” (btw you don’t have to search this quote on Google, because Me myself who said that).

This 2 x 3 m giant painting is the work of Satriyoko, a Blitarian artist who is now living in Bali. “The Contemplating Sukarno” can be seen in the Room 806 of Sukarno situated in Lodge House on the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation.

While now is the birthday of the Proclamator, I will stay in the room for tonight.

Who would know that I’ll get a revolution? And I hope it will be about the Revolution of Indonesia, not about women.




Blitar, 6 Juni 2018


Wima Brahmantya

CEO PT. Harta Mulia