Thank You .. Grandpa Simin!

62 YEARS OF DEDICATION was ended by me yesterday. It’s always hard for me to dismiss the workers who has been serving this company for decades.
82 years old is no longer an ideal age for (Grandpa) Simin who is in charge in Security Division. His vision has been blurry, even he could only recognize me at distance less than 3 meters. Nevertheless, many visitors has come and asked him to take a picture, because of his “seniority”. One day he was asked to join the video shooting on a TV reality show.
As usual we held a farewell party with a tumpeng (traditional yellow rice cone) and a certificate of merit to Grandpa Simin who has served the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation since 1955. We emotionally embraced him with a thanks saying.
“If you still have another job for me I’ll be glad to serve you once more, son”, he said calmly. Such a good spirit!
But there was one saying which made my heart melted when he said : “If I paid a visit, will you still greet me?”
Oh my dear Grandpa … No way we would act cold!


God bless you and long live, Grandpa!



Blitar, 16th of January 2018


Wima Brahmantya

CEO PT. Harta Mulia