Blitar Koffie

Since the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation is situated 500-600 meter above sea level, the perfect type of coffee which is can be grown here is Robusta and Excelsa. Robusta Coffee known as its bitter taste, good body, and high content of caffeine. The Blitar Robusta itself has brown sugar aroma, while the Blitar Excelsa has softer flavor and fruity aroma.

Nusantara Koffie

Do you know what kind of Arabica Coffee are considered to be the best in the world? Yes, it’s the Arabica of Nusantara (another name of Indonesia)! It’s because Indonesia has thousands of islands, and each coffee on each island has their specific flavor depending on the natural condition of the island. Arabica Coffee has high content of acidity which is why the taste is acidic. Although there is no Arabica Coffee in Blitar, the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation also processes the Arabica Coffee taken from many parts of Indonesia.

Green Koffie

Do you know that coffee is also use for dieting? Yeah, good news for you who want to have a slim body – there’s a green coffee which is effective to help lose weight. Chlorogenic Acid inside the coffee can bind to fat on our food we always consume. It’s also easy to consume, just take one spoon of green coffee, put hot water, and then drink 30 minutes before you eat your dinner. You can see the effect after one month!