This coffee plantation was built in 1874 by a Dutch man named H.J Velsink, and the company was named – “Kultuur Mij Karanganjar”. The main commodities chosen were Robusta Coffee and Cloves. For decades this coffee plantation was owned by a series of Dutch companies. Anthony Fokker – the inventor of Fokker aircraft was born here too.

The Dutch left the plantation after the Indonesian gained independence. For many years after the plantation was managed by some local companies; finally Denny Roshadi, a former foreman who had been working at the plantation for a long time, attempted to manage the plantation. In 1960 the coffee plantation was officially taken over by Denny Roshadi for the PT. Harta Mulia company.

Up to the present time, the coffee plantation has been managed by three generations of the Roshadi Family. One of the famous managers was Herry Noegroho, who also served Blitar as a regent for 2.5 periods.

In 2016, the coffee plantation was opened to the public as a tourist destination also known by the name “Keboen Kopi Karanganjar” or “De Karanganjar Koffieplantage”.