There is nothing more delightful than enjoying a hot cup of coffee, after spending some time learning many things about coffee. This Dutch Colonial themed cafe is one of the places of interest in the Karanganjar Coffee Plantation. O.G Cafe is the short of “Ons Grootouders Cafe” means “Our Grandparent’s Cafe”.

The inside vintage furniture creates the atmosphere as if the visitors are walking down the tunnel of time to the past. The songs played here are from the Old Times as well, like “Geef Mar Mij Nasi Goreng”, sung by Wieteke Van Dort.

There are various types of coffee here start from Blitar Robusta up to the Nusantara Arabica and Luwak Coffee as well. There are also various way to serve them such as Manual Brewing, Syphon, V60 Dripp, etc.


“Resko” is the short of “Restoran Perangko” means “Stamp Restaurant”. There are many old stamp collections here, from the state or from the international. There is a collection of the first stamp ever published not long after the Proclamation of Independence. There are also stamps with the picture of Orangutan, published by WWF in 1989 when the Orangutans were declared as the endangered species.

The food served here is traditional local Blitar culinary, such as Nasi Level and Jangan Blendi Steel, the super spicy kind! There is also the Tahu Wali – a special menu which you can only find here.

Beside main meals, don’t forget to try Dawet Srabi Ice and Pleret Ice – special from Blitar which can refresh your day!